Through ALDAVER's innovative materials and 3D printing technology,
    we provide highly realistic surgical training models
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Aldaver introduces a skin suture model for surgical training at CES 2023.

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작성일 22-12-26 00:00



▲ Provided by Aldaver

Aldaver Inc. (CEO Kim Jin-oh, Steve Park) announced that they will participate in the Eureka Park K-STARTUP integration pavilion, the startup zone of CES 2023, that will be held in Las Vegas, USA for a total of 4 days from January 5th(Thursday) to 8th(Sunday, local time)

Aldaver is a company that has developed a product that is possible for doctors to practice surgery in a highly realistic way using synthetic organs and cadaver made with 3D printing technology based on biopolymer materials, which have important properties for mimicking real surgery.

Aldaver proved their excellence and innovation by winning awards in several startup competitions

In this exhibition, Aldaver will introduce their Skin Suture model.

The strength of this model lies in its realistic tactility and physical properties of all skin layers, and it is possible to produce patient specific customized products 


Source: AVING (http://kr.aving.net)