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Aldaver, dreaming of medical innovation “Medical surgery practice, easy and convenient now”

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A start -up
that sparks innovation in the medical field, a Daejeon start-up company with infinite potential medical field support items in the fierce start - up market It is attracting the attention of investors. The main character is Steve Park (40), CEO of 'Aldaver', who is blowing the wind of change in the surgical practice environment of medical staff with the support of the preliminary start-up package project of the Daejeon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation. CEO Park challenged the start-up ecosystem with an unusual start-up item called 'artificial organs for surgical practice'. This is because we believe that the current surgical practice system of medical staff has limitations and that it is a groundbreaking idea that can develop it. “Currently, medical staff all over the world are practicing surgery using silicone or animals, but in the case of silicone, it has a clear difference from the actual body, so there is a considerable gap between it and actual practice. However, if animals are used for surgical practice, ethical problems will arise and various regulations will take a long time to prepare.” The prosthetic organ for surgical practice developed by Park has mostly compensated for these shortcomings. By developing a new material-based artificial organ with detailed descriptions of skin, fat layer, muscle, and blood vessels, users can practice surgery that is very similar to the actual field while avoiding ethical issues.

CEO Park's start-up item had the potential to greatly contribute to the development of the medical device industry and the training of specialists, but the start-up market was tougher than expected. He had to establish a corporation as a representative and be aware of various management methods, but it was not easy to obtain information about it. In the midst of feeling helpless about starting a business, the preliminary start-up package business came to Park's eyes.

Judging that the preliminary start-up package, which consists of marketing, start-up support, investment capacity building, commercialization funds and mentoring management system, would be helpful in resolving these problems, CEO Park applied for the project through the Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center. and was selected for the project, beating out over 100 competitors. With the support of the preliminary start-up package, CEO Park's business developed rapidly.

“Since it was a blank slate about starting a business, I felt difficulties in the basics, especially in the process of establishing a corporation. In addition, a significant amount of legal expertise was required, such as investment contracts, employment contracts, and accounting, which are required when signing contracts with investors. We solved it and successfully established a corporation this year.”

Park explained that he received help from the patent application/registration strategy of the preliminary start-up package, marketing, mass production of products, business plans, and networking establishment methods. Park's business, which has grown in the shadow of the preliminary start-up package, has just taken its first step.

“If an environment is created where medical staff can freely practice surgery without time and space restrictions through artificial organs for surgical practice, wouldn’t citizens also be able to live a healthy life in a more advanced medical system?”

Reporter Shin Ik-kyu

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