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Daejeon Innovation Center achieved 100 new startups last year

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[Chungnam Daily Reporter Park Jin-seok] The Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center launched 103 technology-based startups last year alone. Compared to 2019 performance, it is more than three times higher.

The background to the success of new startups is the expanded operation of the pre-entrepreneur fostering project. Public technology planning-type start-up support projects and pearl shell programs were added to the existing pre-startup package projects and first-step start-up projects.

The role of a professional company builder at the Daejeon Innovation Center also played a role. The 'Public Technology Planning Startup Support Project' is a program that discovers local public technologies and leads prepared technology-based startups such as business model development, team building, investor matching, and management consulting.

Last year, the center, along with 10 investors, selected 5 public technologies with high market demand and investment attractiveness and designed business models for those technologies. Afterwards, he created a team suitable for commercialization of the item, consulted on overall management, and laid the foundation for attracting investment and entering the market.

The five startup teams matched in the business are all scheduled to start a business within March 2021. Among the two teams that completed their start-ups earlier, 3DNDT (CEO Kim Tae-jin) created new employment and initial sales, and JJNS (CEO Park Jong-jin) completed registration as a research institute company and secured intellectual property rights.

Aldaver (CEO Steve Park), which is scheduled to start a business in February this year, was recognized for its potential by winning the grand prize at the '2020 Science and Technology Specialized University Joint Startup Contest'.

Kim Jeong-soo, head of the Daejeon Innovation Center, said, “The center has successfully carried out its important mission of commercializing local innovative technologies, which is one of the major tasks for 2020, and completing the K-unicorn fostering system.” We will actively develop substantial projects this year as well so that the business can stably take root and complete the K-Unicorn fostering system.”

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